Water Analysis

Water is used in a variety of applications in HVAC systems.
  • Cooling Tower Water/Condenser Water
  • Closed Cooling Water Loops
  • Closed Hot Water Loops
  • Steam Condensate/Ebullient Water
  • Dilution Water
Cooling towers and evaporative condenser systems require close monitoring of scaling and solids which build up in the system water from evaporation during cooling.

Closed cooling systems require deionized water with an inhibitor package and slightly elevated pH.

Closed heating systems also require deionized water, inhibitors, and pH regulation, but the optimal levels of these items are different from those required in a cooling system.

Steam condensate can contain ions and contaminants that indicate problems with the system. The pH of these waters should be slightly less than 7.

Dilution water is used to dilute heat transfer brines and absorption chiller LiBr solutions to the proper concentration. The purity of this water is essential to prevent scale buildup and increased corrosion in the heat transfer system.

HVAC Water Analysis