Standard Lithium Bromide Analysis

A variety of corrosion inhibitors have been used in absorption chillers. The necessary analysis and the analysis pricing are dependent on the inhibitor type used in your chiller.

Regular analysis of the lithium bromide solution used in absorption chillers is essential to the proper operation and maintenance of these machines. Corrosion inhibitors and alkalinity levels must be monitored, as well as contaminants and corrosion of copper tubes.

LiBr Analysis Reports show the results of both the sample data, and the data converted to a standard LiBr concentration. Each chiller manufacturer has it's own standard concentrations and recommended limit by inhibitor type. The units and limits shown on the report will vary by inhibitor type and manufacturer.

Please select your inhibitor type from the list below.

Chromate Inhibited

Nitrate Inhibited

Molybdate Inhibited

Molybdate/Nitrate Inhibited

Arsenite Inhibited

ADVAGuard® 750

Unknown Inhibitor

What is my inhibitor type?